Talley Medical Pneumatic Compression Systems



Fully programmable and adjustable
(Multipulse 500, Multipulse Clinic)

Clinician/physician has full control over compression settings to meet the varying needs of the patients

Unique Peristaltic Compression Action

Wave-like compression mimics natural body function, reduced discomfort, better fluid movement, increased patient compliance

Chamber Bypass
(Multipulse 500, Multipulse Clinic)

Avoid compression over painful areas, chronic wound or surgical sites

Programmable, calibrated or automatic gradient pressure delivery
(Multipulse 500, Multipulse Clinic)

Clinician/physician has full control over gradient pressures which mimic body’s natural distal-proximal physiology

Multiple Size/Expandable Leg and Arm garments lined with breathable material

Precise fit for any shape and size limb, cooler and more comfortable = increase patient compliance

Durable pump and garments

Long lasting, high-quality product. Easily wiped down/washed to maintain cleanliness

Full range of safety features, quick-release air valves

Confidence and security for staff and patients

Digital pump interface - menu driven settings
(Multipulse 500, Multipulse Clinic)

Reduced risk of non-clinician tampering of programmed settings

Unilateral application without a required “blanking cap” for second port
(Multipulse 500, Multipulse Clinic)

No cap or plugs to lose, attach single garment to either port

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National Contracted
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