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Talley Multicom® 300 . . . . . .

The MULTICOM™ 300/5 features a unique dual range pressure selection. Other features include bilateral outlets allowing use of two garments simultaneously and built-in system alarms to alert the patient of potential faults.

The Talley MULTICOM™ arm and leg garments come in a range of sizes and are manufactured in a durable washable material on the outside, and soft brushed fabric on the inside against the skin. Leg garments are fitted with a quick release air valve and all garments have snap-on connectors to ensure correct connection to the pump unit. Newly designed leg garments feature an inflatable sole, ensuring better fluid evacuation from the foot.

The MULTICOM™ 300/5 pump is small and quiet, allowing the user to relax and read or watch television during use.

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External pneumatic compression has been shown to be effective for non-invasive treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and some chronic non-healing wounds and ulcers.

The simplicity of operation allows the microprocessor controlled MULTICOM™ 3--/5 to be ideally suited to use in the home environment, with simple to use controls allowing easy selection of pressures.

Talley Medical’s unique peristaltic wave action mimics one of the body’s natural functions and operates by always having one pressurized chamber holding behind the inflating chamber to keep fluid moving proximally and to avoid reflux. This means that only tow or three of the five chambers are pressurized at any one time during the cycle, allowing higher localized pressure to be applied than other sequential compression systems. This results in greater fluid transfer with increased patient comfort.


Electricity Supply:
Fuse Rating:
Pressure Range:

Cycle Time:

110V 10% 60Hz
8 Watts
7.3 lb
11.4” X 8.5” X 4”
Low: 30 - 60mmHg
High: 30-120mmHg
Low range: 5 minutes
High range: Auto-Variable


Acute pulmonary edema, acute thrombophlebitis, acute congestive cardiac failure, deep vein thrombosis, acute infections. Always seek professional medical advice before using any of these products.

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