2013 Lympha Press 201-Max Lympha Press 201-Max®

The Lympha Press 201-Max® boasts short cycle time and up to 24 overlapping chambers per compression garment. Lympha Press 201-Max® contains three individual zones calibrated at the pump, enabling the healthcare practitioner to set three unique areas of compression to accommodate focal lesions, contractors or scar tissue, and to decrease pressure proximally for a gradient effect. Lympha Press 201-Max® can treat one or two limbs simultaneously and can be used with all Lympha Press quality garments including the Comfy sleeve™ 1-75 and Lympha Pants™ for complete torso treatment

Key Features

  • Offers up to 24 overlapping chambers per garment
  • 3 zone calibration at pump, enabling gradient effect
  • Bilateral treatment- can treat one or two limbs simultaneously
  • Works in conjunction with all Lympha Press garments
  • Compact, sturdy and reliable for travel
  • Short cycle time

Lympha Press Optimal® 1201-A

The Lympha Press Optimal® is a home therapy system for those suffering from lymphedema and venous insufficiency. It combines the gentle touch of manual lymph drainage with the proven efficiency of Lympha Press® gradient sequential compression, in a system that adapts to patient needs. The Lympha Press Optimal® also boasts a “patient lock” system, allowing physicians to set and lock pressure and modes, making this exceptionally versatile lymphadema treatment system safe and easy for use at home use.

Key Features

  • Pre therapy™ treatment
  • Safe, easy, and effective for patient at home use
  • Bilateral treatment- can treat one or two limbs simultaneously
  • Quick cycle time
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