ArterioFlow Model 7500 Pneumatic Compression Device for Arterial Insufficiency

The ArterioFlow Model 7500 device is designed for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease, diabetic foot, intermittent claudication, and other chronic disorders of the lower extremities caused by reduced blood supply or ischemia. The device applies compression to the foot and calf sequentially through the ArterioFlow Garments to empty the veins in the lower extremities. In return, the arterial blood is more easily and readily delivered to the feet and blood-deprived tissues.

Key Features:

  • Quiet and rapid compression to the limbs
  • In-home treatments
  • Rapid compression of pressure up to 120 mmHg
  • Adjustable pressure and therapy time via LCD screen
  • User friendly setup interface
  • Option to monitor pulse and SpO2 in real-time with
  • Devon Medical Products™ Pulse Oximeters


  • Dimension: 11.5”(W) x 10”(D) x 4”(H)
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Inflation: Up to 4 seconds
  • Cycle Time: 20 seconds
  • Electrical: 120VAC, 60Hz, 100WATTS MAX
  • Fuse Rated: 250VAC, 1.0AMP, SLO-BLO
  • Applied Part: TYPE B
  • User Interface: LCD screen
  • Operation Mode: Factory Default or Customer Set


ArterioFlow Model 7500 Pneumatic Compression Device Garment

The ArterioFlow Garment is specifically designed to accommodate the ArterioFlow product line from Devon Medical Products. These garments are offered for lower limbs in a one-size-fits-all configuration.

Key Features:

  • Two-chamber garment
  • Larger air tubing for higher air flow rate

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