Our primary mission is to improve the quality-of-life for those patients suffering from lymphatic and venous disorders . . .

  • by providing them with gradient sequential compression pumps and garments
  • by providing them with negative pressure wound systems and appropriate bandages
  • as a companion in-home therapy to the treatments they are receiving through the medical and rehabilitation communities
  • supported by caring and ongoing in-home services
  • at no additional cost to the patient beyond their insurance coverage

Our services include:

  • Patient survey and qualification process
  • Coverage verification for all varieties of insurance
  • Direct insurance billing for qualifying patients
  • Personal in-home equipment installation and set-up
  • Scheduled periodic patient follow-up with feedback to medical treatment team
  • On staff RN, WOCN


“Helping patients heal while they go on living” is the underlying philosophy driving the employees of Omega Medical. We are dedicated to the needs of both the wound patient and their
care-givers (physician, nurse or family member). We are continually pushing NPWT technology to achieve greater levels of portability, ease of use and patient compliance. This will assist our patients in resuming their daily activities, so vital to a complete return to health, without compromising their wound treatment.

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